Brave iOS app crashing

I’m visually impaired & use Apple’s VoiceOver screen-reader.
When I try to delete old bookmarks, the app immediately crashes. This happens every time. Can you please fix it?
I’m even willing to beta test new versions, to ensure this bug gets fixed once & for all.

Hello @JDail, thank you for sharing with us your concern. Are you getting any particular error message? Are you able to upload a screenshot? Additionally, please provide us the iOS device type and iOS version number. Found at: settings > general > about so I can escalate this to my support team. Thanks in advance.

Hey, we saw your feedback in the public beta I think.
We work on a fix, will share more details once the bug is resolved

I sincerely apologize for the delayed response. Both of the replies I received regarding this topic ended up in the junk folder of my email client. Please find a screenshot attached, with the information you requested.

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Hey, it’s fixed in latest 1.48 beta build. Please try it out :slight_smile:

Hello Micheal Leader how are you doing today

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