Brave needs support for screen readers; Voiceover (iOS) and talk back (Android)

Description of the issue: Brave should value accessibility very highly; the browser and search allow for private and smooth access to the internet. however, the second part does not currently apply if you use the product and are using a screenreader. here are some things that need to be addressed,

  1. In regard to Brave search, please make the title of each search result a header html tag. Mini screenreader users, myself included, use hotkeys and other actions to jump between elements on a page and changing this would allow a screenreader user to efficiently use your service.
  2. Make sure that every button and image has alternative text.
  3. Holding to preview a link doesn’t work in Brave w/ VoiceOver. Only allows you to open in a new tab and not actually preview like how you can in safari.

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