The Brave app on the latest version of iOS is no longer compatible with the voiceover screen reader

Hi, I am Blind. I use the built-in voiceover screen reader on the iPhone 14 pro with the latest version of iOS, and the latest Brave app update. The app is no longer compatible with voiceover. I was able to use it in the past.

@michal @steeven @Mattches @Evan123 not sure who is around but wanted to tag all of you in to get eyes on this and see if can be checked.

The easiest way to check is to try browsing on an iPhone with VoiceOver turned on. You should notice that it doesn’t read anything on the page.

@removable9987 I just was testing on my iPhone 13 Pro Max on iOS 17.2.1, which is the newest version. Brave worked fine for me overall, at least in the same way it did for Safari and other browsers.

Though I have to say VoiceOver felt like a nightmare to use in general. It was pretty much reading everything as single finger tapping, even if it was me swiping or using multiple fingers. I was sitting here even in iPhone’s VoiceOver Practice and it was treating all my swiping as Touch. It was something like 20-30 attempts before it finally said something like “one finger swipe up.”

Three things would be helpful to know.

  1. Would it be possible for you to confirm exactly which version of Brave and iOS you’re using?

  2. In addition, what is happening when you say that it is not compatible?

  3. Lastly, to confirm that you are saying your issue only is happening on Brave and it is not an iOS issue in general?

Hi, I just upgraded to iOS 17.2.1 yesterday. I didn’t realize that came out that fast. I also just insured that I installed the latest Brave this morning. Everything is working back to normal now. When I originally made my post, it was about two or three weeks ago, it took a few weeks for the moderators to approve my post and my account.

About your observation on voiceover feeling like a nightmare to use, welcome to my world. I grew up with blindness. Screen reading software is the only way that I can access the digital world. It feels like a nightmare to you, but that’s because you’re not used to a screen reader , the experience would be similar if you use an android device. It takes time to learn screen reading software but at least you have a basic idea of how it works because you never know if your eyesight might deteriorate overtime and you would still want to be able to access the products and services that you use. My job involves helping people who are going totally blind learn to use assistive technologies in preparation for them to completely lose their eyesight.