Torrent Datas Showing

Brave needs a feature that allows you too see more informations about the torrents you are downloading, as qbittorrent, it should show who is seeding, their IP, the percentage of their download, the graph of the speed

If I’m not mistaken, that’s an extension which is embedded in Brave but not developed by Brave — I’m not sure, though.
Anyway, I agree, more information would be useful.
Also, the extension should say if the completed files have been actually saved (and where) or not: I sometimes closed the window because it said 100% but the files hadn’t been saved.

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I agree! An automatic saver would be great, just like downloading a zip file or a setup!

Can i ask you the extension? Thanks mate

Do you mean the name of the torrent extension used by Brave? It’s “WebTorrent”

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Oh wait, you were talking about in general the torrent download system! Sorry i misunderstood and i thought there was some sort of extension that you were talking about it!!

It looks like a similar problem was also described here:

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I think this would be such a revolutionary change in torrents downloads, why people don’t care about this thread

Why no one is voting this feature