Get rid of automatic web torrents - they don't even save to the hard drive!

This web torrent thing has annoyed me hugely. Torrents have been a thing for pretty much a decade, and it’s entirely normal to expect them to still be there after closing your torrent program and reopening it later.

For the first time ever, I was automatically diverted to ‘Web Torrents’ today and simply assumed it was a nifty in-browser torrent service, so I left it to run. But no, I was wrong. After switching off my laptop and taking it home from work, I have found that everything I was downloading is completely gone.

I don’t understand why you would even implement something as pointless as that?!?!?! A torrent downloader that needs to complete the full download before it even SAVES it? Really?

Just remove it, let users donwload torrent links like normal. We don’t all sit with our browser open 365 days of the year. This has annoyed me so much, it’s enough to make me stop using Brave entirely. Seriously I don’t understand how this was left in. It’s not even useful, it’s more like a sadistic trap aimed at deliberately annoying users.

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i’ve hated it from the first time it was implemented. main reason way too limited. more than happy with qbittorrent.

@GraveDigger @saitken88,
You don’t have to use the webtorrent service. Its purpose is to stream torrent files directly to the browser. Torrent files are stored in RAM and that data is subsequently removed once the process is closed.

  • Want to save your torrent files (using the built-in webtorrent client) Save file button which will save the file to disk.
  • Want to use your own torrent client? Simply go to Settings --> Extensions and disable the Webtorrent extension – the browser will now prompt you to open the torrent/magnet file with your default torrent application.

really wasn’t looking for a tutorial. looked at it when it was first introduced and decided then no matter how it was setup i didn’t like it.

Wasn’t a tutorial – was explaining that since you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it.

really we would of never guessed that we don’t have to use it.

Well, sure, I know I don’t have to use it. But the fact of the matter is that it was automatic, and there was no information or prior warning about what Web Torrent really is. I just saw an in-browser torrent page and left it. At the very least, how about a warning to say “Your torrents will be lost” when closing the browser?

Also storing it in RAM is surely a joke. I had a 4GB movie downloading and the whole thing was going to sit on RAM…?! I think I may have missed something here, because to me I have never thought of torrents as a thing for quick streaming or opening in a browser.

The point here is that I shouldn’t have to go to settings to change anything in the first place. Web Torrent is so bad and pointless that it simply should not be the default option.

Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: