Get rid of webtorrent!

Description of the issue: Just spent almost two hours downloading a 2.2GB torrent. I do “Save All Files…” but the Save dialog box is not showing. I know it takes longer to appear with larger downloads so I wait. Five minutes later, nothing. I try again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. The torrent page disappears and a message says “There’s not enough memory to open this page.” I go back and get the initial torrent page offering to start the torrent download again. That’s two hours and 2.2GB down the can. Frick you, Brave. Are you ever going to realize what a piece of isht this WebTorrent is?!? Either remove it or replace it with something that actually works as it’s meant to. I’ll be using uTorrent from now on and will be removing Brave altogether. Thanks for nothing.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. By being a naive fool, like I was.
  2. Do the above, like I did.
  3. Think Brave can handle a simple torrent download.
  4. Get sorely disappointed and lose hours of your life.
  5. Done.

Expected result: Um, download and save a torrent?

Brave Version( check About Brave): Who cares.

Additional Information: Sayonara, Brave.

Hi, I understand your frustrations @mls_lists
But a few things I should cover…

  1. You can disable webtorrent inside Settings -> Extenstion
  2. uTorrent has been shown to contain Bitcoin miners
  3. qBittorrent (I am not affiliated, just my choice of software) is an open sourced alternative to uTorrent/Bittorrent, which has pretty darn good intergration with chromium browsers like Brave, and can be found here.

Hope this helps!

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