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I just switched over to Brave, absolutely love it and the builtin torrent element… BUT… I just downloaded a massive ebook collection and it’s now forcing me to save each…and…every…book…separately…
I’ve already searched through this forum for tips, and found several that said, “Hey, no worries, it’s in your %appdata%\Local\Temp\webtorrent folder”! … And I’ve searched and searched, but I don’t have a “webtorrent” folder! Now, the 3 different forum topics on this were all from early this year apr/june/july… so maybe it’s been changed since then? Maybe my computer is just on crack and doesn’t know how to follow the rules…? Maybe?

Anyway, please someone, anyone, tell me there is a fix so that I do NOT have to freakin’ save each and every one of the over 750 books in this torrent individually. My brain hurts. Please help.


Hi @danirts,

Likely the Torrent viewer on the new Brave is not download it to disk. cc @Mattches, maybe I’m wrong on this.

And no option for bulk-saving for now.

Thanks for using Brave.


@eljuno is correct.
Torrent data is saved in memory and erased when tab is closed.
Option to save torrent files then open using your preferred client is available at the top right of webtorrent screen.

Both issues @eljuno linked to on github will resolve these requests.


Thanx darlins. I’ve tried all the fixes posted on Github and it didnt’ work… so, I just reloaded the torrent in chrome and downloaded it all over again so that I can save it as an entire torrent/folder, instead of having to save all 758 files individually!

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