Automatically download .torrent files

Hi guys,

How can I directly download the torrent files to my pc instead of seeing the page where you have the option to Start the torrent or save the file?



Are you asking how you can do this without the extra step of viewing that page? Or are you asking how you can use the built in Webtorrent extension to download torrents directly to your drive rather than downloading the torrent file and opening it with the torrent client on your machine?

I’m assuming the latter, in which case, this is unfortunately not possible currently. We have open issue right now to allow torrents to be saved directly to disk:

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Are you asking how you can do this without the extra step of viewing that page?
Yes, this.

First issue above will solve that for you.

Oh, I understand what you are talking about. It really irritates sometimes. And it makes me wonder why the best torrenting sites 2018 don’t develop widgets that can bypass this extra step. But thanks for tips here!

Will brave team do something about this? Not only would be nice not having to start downloading again when the browser closes after the torrent is fully downloaded, it would be nice to have this feature even if it´s not finished at all!

They have something like a “magnet” option on PirateBay so you don’t have to save anything, but still you need Utorrent or some othere torrent software to download those files. I also don’t like saving those small torrent files because they just take up space and honestly they are not needed. Use the “magnet” option and you will be good. If you ever have problems with accessing TBP, because a lot of countries are blocking it, there is an easy fix. Go to and use the available proxies, they always work.

I have been using Brave on and and off for a couple of months. From what i can tell it goes to ram. Which is ok unless you have a huge file or multiple files or not a lot of ram.
Just copy the the magnet and go to File/ “Add torrent from url” in bittorrent or whatever your using. Sounds like work but its not really:)
Sometimes I have to use brave to access torrents that other engines wont give me access to.

Cheers Brave!