Tor status is always disconnected

Description of the issue:
When opening a new private window with Tor the status is disconnected. It doesn’t seem to connect / initialize, ever.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Opening a new private window with Tor (Alt + Shift + N)

Expected result:

Initializing / connected.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Version 1.35.100 Chromium: 98.0.4758.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:

Already tried:

I can access and I am not using a proxy or VPN.

Thanks in advance!

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Take a look at:

Appreciate your help! I already looked at those topics and the solutions mentioned didn’t work for me unfortunately. Still searching for a solution…

Anyone who can help me?

Can you try toggling the tor extension (brave://settings/extensions) on/off and tell me if this makes any difference?
If not, can you please share a screenshot of the logs tab on your brave://tor-internals page?

Thanks for your reply @Mattches

I already tried that and yet again, but it does not make any difference. When I open brave://tor-internals/ and open Logs, the page stays blank…

Out of curiosity, if you were to create a new browser profile (ensure you close your original profile so you only have one browser window with the new profile opened) and launch a tor window from it, do you get the same results?

I’ve been getting this since updating to Brave v1.35.101 on Windows 8.1. Previously hitting ctrl+f5 repeatedly would eventually lead to initializing, or else closing and reopening the Private with Tor window, but now I need to kill the Tor process from the task manager and then re-launch a Private window with Tor until it starts initializing.

I did everything in the topic, but unfortunately that doesn’t work either ;(

The page remains blank.

I saw one tor process and closed it from the task manager, but now when I re-launch a new Private windows with Tor it doesn’t launch that process. Only after a reboot.

It’s this file that was in my task manager.

That is the same name as the process which I kill from the task manager though. :confused:

Doesn’t work for me unfortunately :frowning:

Tried to rename the file to .old to see if it creates a new file but it doesn’t. So I’m stuck again at this point

@Go-go_duck , @M4YN3 , @Mattches ,


Scroll down to “geoff-scott” at

Follow up of #15949 - Tor state is Disconnected in New Private Window with Tor tab #17381

Thanks @289wk

Happy I’m not the only one facing this issue. Hope they fix it soon

I’ve added this thread to the Github issue on your behalf and pinged some devs to hopefully get eyes on it.


@Mattches thanks! Happy to help if the devs require anything

Doesn’t work for me anymore either.

BUT I did get some possibly useful info:

  1. I was using Private with Tor without problem (Tor process tor-, Brave v1.35.103).
    As has always been the case, trying to open a second Private with Tor window instead opened a new tab, i.e. it was impossible to open multiple Private with Tor windows.

  2. I updated:

  • VLC Media Player
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Skype
  • Malwarebytes free edition
  • WinRAR
  • Several Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable libraries
  1. This required a reboot, so I closed Private with Tor and then Brave, and rebooted.

  2. I relaunched Brave and tried to open Private with Tor (again tor-, Brave v1.35.103, so seemingly no changes there), but was unable to connect.
    The old tricks of

  • pounding ctrl+f5
  • closing and re-opening Private with Tor
  • disabling and re-enabling Private with Tor in brave://settings/extensions
  • killing tor- from the task manager
    all no longer seem to help.
    And now I can suddenly open multiple distinct Private with Tor windows instead of getting redirected to a new tab, even though they are all disconnected.


Some time ago, I found, that for the TOR process (of Brave Browser) to work, I first had to open a “New Window” (and leave it open). . . and then open a “New Private Window” (and leave it open) . . . and then open the “New Private Window with TOR”. (Leaving the two earlier windows open.) (I would not use multiple tabs.)

Thereafter, I would open another “New Private Window with TOR” for each subsequent entering of a URL address – when I wanted to maintain any earlier TOR window(s).

It just worked. Maybe that sequence of steps will work for you.

(I have a guess, why that works, but it’s late, and time for sleep.)

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Why does this work? :astonished:

It doensn’t work for me unfortunately :frowning: