This is what I have gathered so far about the payments and wallets. Please verify this

So all the BATs earned by viewing ads only will be deposited in Brave Browser wallet and Brave refers to them as ‘Grants’. These BATs (Grants) will not be automatically deposited to associated Uphold account. That feature is only for Creators.(?) So for someone like me who is not a creator and has BATs in Brave browser wallet a.k.a ‘main wallet’ just by viewing ads, is there any way to transfer these BATs to Uphold or any other wallet? Or are we not allowed to withdraw because we are just viewing ads and hence MUST tip the creators

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@Prastab see Brave Rewards : User Wallets - A significant update

And let me know if it’s still unclear.

Right so long story short, BATs earned by viewing ads MUST be tipped and cannot be withdrawn. Correct?

@Prastab from thread linked above

users who browse with Brave’s Nightly build will be able to withdraw BAT from the Brave Rewards wallet after verifying and creating an account with our partner Uphold!

Withdrawal functionality is in the works. Already available in Nightly channel. Will hit Release channel soon. :sweat_smile:

@eljuno Yeah I saw that. But again there are two sides to the story; one is creator and other is people like me who just watch ads and have BATs. And you still haven’t answered my question which is HOW DO I TRANSFER THESE BATs from Brave to Uphold? I am NOT a creator. I already have verified with Uphold. But there is no option to transfer from Brave to Uphold. (I assume because I am NOT a creator)

@Prastab users will be able to withdrawal their BAT when the team implement withdrawal functionality. This feature is in the works and already available in Nightly channel like announced on thread linked above.

If you use Release channel, then you need to wait a couple of weeks until this feature move from Nightly > Dev > Beta > and then available on Release version.

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