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I recently started using Brave browser. I noticed the “Rewards” section and was curious. I skimmed through and noticed that the Wallet was by Uphold so I decided to deposit some BAT. After depositing, I tried to “enter” the wallet to access my funds. Immediately I noticed the Brave wallet was COMPLETELY different from the Uphold Wallet functionally. Mainly, the ability to withdrawal. I need some help getting this resolved and getting my funds OUT of the Brave wallet as I was expecting much more flexibility and function.


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You’ll be able to connect your brave://rewards wallet to your Uphold account, @crypto_keeper. It’s already available in Nightly channel and in development.

Will hit the stable release in a couple of weeks.



Can you point me in the right direction for how to transfer my BAT balance between Brave and Brave Nightly? Or Brave Dev?

Hey I hope this is the right place to ask; I want to figure out how to move funds from my Brave wallet to my uphold BAT card. When I click withdraw funds, the browser sends me to the “Use funds” page on uphold, but there’s no obvious way to move funds the way I initially mentioned.

@eljuno hi, same problem with my beta browser(Version 0.69.107 Chromium: 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) beta (64-bit))
click on withdrawl and i was sent to my uphold account but no button or anything else what i can do to confirm or process the withdrawl.

Is there an solution for this?


Yep, same problem here too…Using Brave Nightly and see the withdraw funds in rewards, but there is no way to so when I follow the link…

In my case it only withdrew part of the bat tokens - less than half. What about the rest?

today i also get a really small part of my owned BAT to uphold.
It is so CONFUSING! I can`t see a list in my Browser of the transfered BAT and there is no reporting like withdrawl sum of XY to account ABC on Date WHAT EVER.

PLEASE! give us more information about the moving BAT so we can check when something wrong with it.
Now it’s just a guessing game.

I hope this is the right place to ask: I want to withdraw my BAT to my wallet in Uphold but I can’t find a button or tool that melo allows, and my uphold wallet and my brave creators account are connected, I ask for your help and help for favor and thanks in advance.

estou com ploblemas tambem eu ja na consigo receber minha bat na carteira uphold oque faço

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