Uphold lost my funds. New wallet?

Hello everyone.

I have tried to transfer some BAT to the Uphold wallet in order to start tipping and obtaining brave rewards.

However Uphold has lost my BATs and isn’t getting back to my support ticket.

There is no chance ever that I’m giving them more of my crypto. How to I open associate a different wallet to Brave and still benefit of the Brave rewards?

Thank you for the support.

unfortunately uphold is the only option unless you are content creator(I think they can use gemini too)

how so?

Hey there.

Sorry for the late reply.

I transferred bats to Uphold through binance over a week ago. I provided all the information that has been requested by Uphold support. They replied that the issue was transferred to a specialist and they never got back to me.

As of today, no replies.

I’m starting to think that the Uphold and brave partnership is a fishy agreement.

Welcome @Mrfo0d to the community.

You don’t need to transfer BAT to Uphold to be able to Tip or Auto-contribute. Claimed BAT residing in you Brave Browser Wallet can be used for tipping and auto-contributing.

To obtain BAT from Brave you just need to enable Rewards, view Ads and/or Sponsored Images and claim them at the start of each month.

Your Uphold account wallet allows BAT (and many other crypto currencies) to be exchanged, traded, purchased and withdrawn (in Fiat) to a bank account.

That transfer should have taken at maximum of a few hours dependent on how congested the Ethereum network. Usually I have waited 5-15 minutes for the funds to show up in the destination Wallet on average.

When you sent the BAT (ERC20) from Binance to Uphold did you use the Etheruem Mainnet network and not Binance Chain (BEP2) or Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) networks. Uphold does not support the Binance Chain networks.

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