Brave Rewards Basic Question

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I am sure this question has been asked multiple times before I can’t locate it anywhere.

How do we send Brave rewards from our Brave browser to an external source?

My account seems to have been reset back to 0, but I don’t know where the 40 BAT I had went, as I didn’t configure anything externally.

If there is a simple step by step article to set this up can I get that?

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Thanks for reaching out!
So there seems to be a bit of confusion surrounding this particular point.

With respect to earnings from viewing Brave Ads, these funds do not and can not go into your Uphold wallet. At this time, these earnings are sent to you (in the form of grants) to be claimed and subsequently added to your Brave wallet – which is is currently unidirectional – bi-directionality will be made available in the future.

Now as for your BAT that seems to have disappeared – can you tell me where you recieved the BAT from? Are these funds you deposited yourself or were they from grants recieved? Additionally, you’re saying that your overall wallet balance is now 0?

They were grants. I didn’t deposit anything. I used this browser mainly from home but have a Brave browser installed at work as well. (there are currently 10.01 BAT in my wallet on my work computer.

It was my home computer that had the 40 BAT. I will have to check that when I get home to see if maybe I was just missing something.

Do we have to use those grants to “tip” contributors or can we hodl?

I’m all over the place in asking this. sorry for any confusion.

No problem!
You did ask for some resources initially – here are some useful links for you to dig into and if you have any further questions or concerns please let me know. When you get back to your home PC (that had the 40 BAT), let me know what you find there and if there’s anything logged in your Rewards summary.


Basic Attention Token

Brave Rewards:

0 BAT on the Brave browser at home.

Is it taboo to have the same wallet running on more than one computer? Is that against the rules?
I did restore from original wallet at home to browser at work.

Is it BAT rewards still available on our browsers for using them or it’ stopped? Since i use Brave browser i didn’t receive BAT yet but BAT Rewards are switch on.

I still receive them, just that my 40 BAT from last few months is gone.

I’m wondering if using multiple browsers with the same wallet (I restored my home browser wallet to my work browser wallet) is frowned upon and they noticed that and took them. (not accusing them)

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