Brave Rewards : User Wallets - A significant update

EDIT : Based on feedback from the Nightly build

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for testing the new Brave Rewards wallet introduced in Brave for Desktop version 0.69, now in our beta channel. To recap:

You do not need to use Uphold at all to continue to use Brave and Brave Rewards. There’s no change here, but it is worth reiterating. You can continue to earn and use your ad earnings, and collect grants when they are offered to your Brave Rewards wallet.

Verified wallet capabilities

In Brave 0.69, you cannot send BAT you own to your Brave Rewards wallet anonymously in accordance to compliance laws established to prevent bad actors listed in OFAC sanction lists.

However, you can send a limited amount of BAT to your Brave Rewards wallet by registering with Uphold without fully verifying with your government ID, a process often referred to as “KYC” or Know Your Customer. Uphold will allow you up to $1000 worth of BAT contributions via Brave Rewards. Beyond that, you will need to fully verify with Uphold.

“KYC” or full verification with Uphold is also required for two other cases:

  • If you added BAT to your pre-existing Brave Rewards wallet, and want to withdraw, exchange, or otherwise take control of your previously added BAT, rather than contribute them to content creators
  • If you want to withdraw, exchange, or otherwise take control of your ad earnings

Creator verification

Content creators who have a verified account with Brave Rewards | Creators will continue to be shown as verified, as they did in 0.68 and prior releases. In early 0.69 builds we had a bug where creators were shown as verified only if they’d fully verified (KYC’d) with Uphold. This is being fixed now.

Note: Creators who have verified with Brave, but not with Uphold, cannot be tipped immediately if you’ve verified your browser wallet with Uphold. In this case, your tips will be held in your browser for up to 90 days, awaiting full Uphold verification on the part of the creator.

Fixes coming soon

We are updating the text and visuals in the browser wallet verification process to make it abundantly clear that wallet verification is optional.

We are also about to update the browser to show Brave-verified creators as they are shown in the current-release Brave browser, even if they have not fully verified with Uphold.

Finally, we are working with Uphold to streamline how Uphold cards relate to Brave Rewards wallets. Currently, each Brave browser that’s verified creates a new “Brave browser” card on Uphold; the upcoming fix will result in one Uphold BAT card that represents BAT across all Brave browsers that have been verified using a particular Uphold account.

Thank you to all early adopters!

The Brave Rewards team


Great News! Well done Brave Team!!! :muscle:


Hello, thanks for notification! Can we get nightly for android?


you will need to verify with Uphold if you wish to add funds to your wallet from another external source — such as a credit card

I am not sure if this is trying to address these concerns or not. I’m guessing that this update makes it a little easier to self fund by maybe removing some of the steps? It still seams like it would be a prohibitive hassle.

What this update doesn’t address is having to give some random internet bitcoin company my social security number and drivers license. What happens when Uphold does something nefarious or stupid or gets hacked? I cant change my SS number or my ID.

I totally recognize that Brave Inc. is not a financial services company and it makes sense to want to outsource that to a trusted third party. I would be totally down to use Swipe or Square or even shudder Paypal to do that transaction. If they get hacked I can cancel my credit card. Bonus: they are really, really easy to use.

Sigh. Its because its crypto currency. I just want to be able to easily give a little money to creators without having to sign up to each one of their patreons. Because its crypto and the barrier to entry is so high the only practical way to use this feature it to do the very thing so many of us are trying so hard to get away from. Watch ads.


as Uphold requires KYC, its not a good option for privacy-oriented browser.
Give us on-chain transfers


That’s great and all but I can’t log in to my account and haven’t received any support on here or over email. Not receiving login emails


@eljuno @Mattches please help with @childishgiant issue. I know this is thread jacking but @dan_brave please do help


I’ve reopened and responded to your original thread – apologies for not seeing it sooner.


Good news for us! Best of luck Brave team


Excellent progress. Keep up the good work.


I need help getting BAT out of my wallet. I was under the impression that the “wallet” by Uphold, functioned like and Uphold wallet. Upon depositing some BAT, I now notice it is nothing like Uphold and my BAT seems to be stuck in the wallet. I need help getting my funds out of the wallet as I deposited the BAT thinking it would work just like any other wallet, it doesn’t, and now I need the funds to be elsewhere. Please help resolve this


Hi there, It was a good informations and update but I know I’m not the only one who’s hoping that you’re going to have other wallets on receiving the rewards aside from uphold where the kyc is not that strict(Accepting Passport and Driver License only). I do really like your brave browser at the same time the rewards and I’m hoping there’s really a chance for it. Thank you and Good luck.

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Will iOS have nightly available to it in the near future?


So when will this be available on PRODUCTION Brave?

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Refferal progam is ended or not?

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