How do I transfer BAT to my uphold card?

I attempted to withdrawal BAT from my brave wallet, but the “withdraw funds” button sends me to the uphold site, and shows NO BAT on the card. There doesn’t seem to be a way to take BAT from the brave wallet, to the card. How do I go about doing this?

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Hi @Dboyle1988,

Please see our Help Center and/or other official resources for answers to common questions such as these:


I am trying to find the same information, and it is not in the links that @steeven sent above.

I created my Uphold wallet but I have no idea how to link it to Brave rewards.



I think the confusion is because now we can withdraw rewards’ BATs as users, not only as creators anymore, but all the info on how to do that is in the creators area of the forum… because I remember seeing that before, but I can’t find it.

However I just saw somewhere (didn’t save the link) that once you connect the Uphold to the Brave Browser (which I did already) the BATs transfers automatically on the 8th of each month. Is that right? So we can’t transfer it whenever we want?


@renacaceres - have you received any feedback for last question? or we have to wait until 8th :slight_smile:

@creator22 sorry the delay! I’ve been really busy.

I didn’t get any feedback for my question, however today part of my rewards was transferred automatically for my uphold account. Which is great!

The weird part is that only the August earnings were transferred, not ALL of my rewards. I still have 32 BATs sitting in my rewards account from previous months, and only around 27 were transferred.

@renacaceres - yeah, I can confirm the same, august earnings have been automatically transferred to uphold account, earnings from previous months are still remaining

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@renacaceres @creator22 My September rewards are in my browser but not showing in the Uphold Wallet. I was on with Uphold chat and they suggested that this issue lies solely with Brave.

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@steeven is there any help you can give here?

@CRM77 - are you talking about nightly version?

I am not sure I know what you mean by Nightly version. I am verified, have had BAT show in Uphold before, converted them and transferred them on. This month they show in the browser but NOT in Uphold. Uphold has noted this is a Brave problem.

Hi @CRM77,

Please DM me the email address associated with your Creator account.


did you get anywhere with this problem as I have the same issue!

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Hi, I’m wondering the same thing. My Uphold wallet is verified, so how do I get my BAT out of Brave and into that wallet?

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Found this after searching around a bit more!

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