I cant transfer my BAT token from brave to uphold


Hi @nil18 - is the BAT from Ads?

The BAT that are in my Brave portfolio is from Ads and BAT promotional code. I can not withdraw … help me solve it

Hey nil18 - airdrops or promotional BAT are not given as earnings for a user to keep and take home. They are given to create payments for content creators so they get paid. Promotional grants will not get deposited to your wallet currently, and for the foreseeable future. I sincerely hope you use them to tip to your fav content creators!

I participated in a BAT / BRAVE raffle in September and in October I received 3 promotional coupons from BAT as an alternative to merchandise, Jennie in the BAT community forum told me that I could donate to content creators or I could also withdraw.

I had 86 BAT in my Brave Browser wallet I backed up save the code that I generated and paste one of the 3 promotional codes and I got 84 BAT but then in a few days I noticed that I only had 20 BAT I have no idea what happened, automatic contributions is disabled

I hope you can solve this problem, please do not want to lose the BAT

Ahh! i understand the issue better now. Can you please reach out to me via my email? Its my first name @brave; thanks!

Unable to transfer bat token DEC 5…BAT that are in my Brave portfolio is from Ads and unable to deposit to uphold.when try to deposit it takes me to uphold but does not deposit .

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