The browser becomes so slow


The browser becomes so slow, especially in startup.

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Try turning off “Use hardware acceleration when available” from the Settings screen, under System.

I’ve tried it and the same problem

I have the same issue. In the last few days it’s slowing down badly. Each day seems to get worse than the previous.
It’s become unusable.
For example, testing against Safari (Mac) from pressing return to a fully rendered page of
Safari: 2 seconds
Brave: 40 seconds

This browser is just about unusable even after cleaning it out. I keept thinking there is something wrong with my ssd. I’ve run Crystaldisk, and Seagate tools, and it shows no issues at all. So I updated my FF, and Vivaldi, and used those for 2 days, and they run lightning fast. Brave has been running slow for a while now, and it just keeps getting slower. Tonight it’s taking at least 30 seconds just to refresh search result. What’s the deal?

It seams like it’s a problem for the majority of users!

I hope we get an official reply from the support

I am having this same issue In Brave except its affecting Firefox as well.
Only Opera is fast.