Brave has become so SLOOOOOOW :(

  1. At home on my primary desktop PC I’ve been using brave for a couple of years having abandoned Chrome due privacy. I’ve been very happy until recent times… maybe 2 or 3 months when brave has become very slow and often times-out on most websites I use and I have to hit the refresh button to re-establish.

  2. I also have Firefox, Opera and Chrome (when desperate) and all of these browsers are very fast, so my issue is restricted to brave.

  3. I have been travelling for 2 months using my laptop and experienced the identical slowness issue, so much so that I made Firefox my preferred browser.

  4. I’m back home now and the problem persists with both my desktop machine and my laptop,

  5. I have checked brave extensions and minimised them.

  6. I am using the most recent version of brave on both machines.

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you try closing all Brave windows, then opening a Private window and tell me if you get the same behavior in the private window?

I’m experiencing that same issue, started this week. “” is the worse site, barely loads at all and becomes unresponsive. I turned off all extensions but did not help. I have no issues when using Vivaldi, Chrome, or Edge. I’ve had to switch my default browser to Vivaldi. I do not experience the issue when using a Brave private window.
Update: I sometime get this error code.

This issue may be resolved in Brave by clearing you cache/browsing data (Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data)

:unamused: I figured that was going to be the answer but was holding out hope for something better. Clearing out the browsing data can be somewhat disruptive at times.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Sorry for tardiness… been otherwise engaged. Also I’m in Australia so we probably have a time difference.

I tested a Private window as you suggested and it appeared to help, however my brave issue is not always apparent.

This morning I tested again when my Facebook login was slow. What is especially slow in FB is clicking on the post option to hide or report. In fact so slow it doesn’t work at all. Even refreshing the page does not help.

Immediately having the above FB issue I opened a brave Private window but KEPT open the existing normal FB window. I have 3 monitors so had the Private FB on one and the normal FB on the another. Here was conclusive proof. The Private was instantaneous whereas the normal was bloody useless… to use a Tech term :slight_smile:

Clearly the Private window solves the problem and I assume that distinction will lead you to an experienced solution?

It seems my issue is actually being caused by McAfee WebAdvisor. I removed the extension from Brave, killed all McAfee WebAdvisor processes, and now Brave is working as expected. Just turning off the extension may not be enough. I went back and rechecked Edge and Chrome since WebAdvisor is also installed on them. Edge worked fine with and without the extension. Chrome worked with the extension, however, there was a noticeable improvement after removing the extension.

Thanks for testing. This would lead me to believe it is either:

  • An issue with the cached data in the browser (because Private windows start without any cache/browsing data, which is why it worked there)
  • An issue with a particular extension(s) you have installed in the browser

I would recommend clearing cache/browsing data in your main profile and test to see if this fixes the slow behavior (Menu --> History --> Clear browsing data).

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