Brave suddenly become really slow

It seems that recently Brave hase become unsuable in terms of loading time. Every single website takes more than 30-50 sec to load while the interent connection is not an issue. More in particular, for some web-sites, after the initial load of the page, the internal interaction (within each site) is performing as expected with no lags.

I’ve seen that several users are experiencing similar problmes allthough apart from trying to disable the accelerate hardwer/create new profile/private broswing etc, it seems that the problem presist.

My brave is up to date 1.50.121 and the problem occures also in Brave Beta. In contrast Chrome opperates flawlesly.

I would appreciate any insight or advice.

Thank you in adavnce

Hello @papa_otter

Thank you for reaching out and I’m sorry to hear you are going through this. Could you kindly try to reinstall Brave browser to see if the issue persist?

Be waiting for your response!

Dear @Alice2095

Thank you for the quick reply, i followed your suggestion and i managed to uninstall and reinstall the application. It seems that the broswers operates in a more responsive way. I do not want to be obsesive, but it was rather furstrating to watch my favorite Brave being unsuable, so right now maybe i judge harsly. I’ll monitor the situation and i ll return in a couple days if the thread remains opens by the mods.

PS : Regarding the unistall process, i observed that either windows or an unistalling application i use (Revo) could not find Brave to uninstall it. I had to download the installer run it and then it became “visible”.

Thanks again and have a nice day. :slight_smile:

Well @Alice2095, unfortunately the slow loading times presist. It seems that Brave is unsuable at this point for no evident reason whatsoever.

When you uninstalled, did you clear your browsing data? If you did not, can you please tell me if you have any extensions installed at this time?

Additionally, when you say

Are you saying that you tried all of the above and nothing makes the browser perform normally? Additionally, when you tried the above — namely the “create a new profile” and “private browsing” solutions — did you close the original profile window before testing? That would be a necessary step. Same when you tested with Beta — did you only have the newly installed Beta window open when testing?

Thank you

@Mattches, thank you very much for your contribution on the matter. I uninstalled and cleared the browsing data, as also there are no extensions installed on the browser. Yes i tried the “new profile (with the original profile closed)”, I disabled the “gpu hardware acceleration” feature and tested the “Brave Beta” solution. Unfortunately the issues persist. Apart from the last Win 11 update i cannot track any external actions that may initiated this kind of performance issues.

Right now, I 'll use Brave Beta hoping that a new update will make Brave functional in terms of loading speed.

If it wasn’t a “common issue” (i.e., I see that there are several users indicating similar performance issues in this forum as also in reddit), i would have though that it may be related to hardware. In addition the fact that Chrome works like a charm makes it even more frustrating.

Thank you for the information.
Please allow me some time to reach out to the team and get some additional information. Appreciate your patience.

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