Browser slow to the point have to abandon it


Description of the issue:

The browser crawls long as if throttled some how. I’ve put up with it for several day, maybe nearer a week, thinking it was me. But then I loaded firefox and it zipped right along.

I have made no changes. It’s like it’s crippled.

I just wonder if others are having the same experience or if there might be some way the flush or reinstall.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
Brave is up to date

Version 0.61.52 Chromium: 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit)




I have exact the same problem here. Up to date version on mac OS 10.10.5 Problems started a few days ago. Before that no problems and I didn’t change anything. Especially Youtube is lagging to the point that it isn’t usable anymore.

If more people experience this please report so that a solution can be found.

Thank you



Thank you @ee444 and @tatababa for the feedback!

Would either of you be willing to install the previous stable release (0.61.51), to confirm that it resolves the performance issues for you? You can find the appropriate files on GitHub. If you have any questions about which file is right for you, please do not hesitate to ask.


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This has resolved for me. I have no clue why. I love the browser so I’m just relieved.



I can not check if it makes any difference as Brave 0.61.51 starts updating to 0.61.52 immediately after installation. I can not find where to switch off auto update. I wasn’t aware that it does so in the first place.



this is true most Brave updates becomes cpu and memory hog, this is the result when you make the browser as blockchain node/validator, they better check their Proof-of-Browsing



Are you still experiencing the slow performance issue? I see what you’re saying about auto-update, but I’m curious if a general un/reinstallation had any effect?

Additionally, for anyone experiencing this issue (@haiku @ee444), we’d like to get some additional information surrounding the issue so we can look for common threads among users and isolate the root problem. If you don’t mind, can you tell me:

  1. 3rd party/installed extensions you have enabled?
  2. Which Brave features or built in extensions you have enabled (Brave Rewards, Brave Ads platform, webtorrent, hangouts, etc)?
  3. Did you import browsing data from another browser at any point?

Additional solutions to try:

  1. Disable Hardware acceleration and see if performance improves (Hardware acceleration sometimes has conflicts with streaming video content – may explain your YouTube issue @tatababa). To disable, open your the menu and navigate to:
    Settings --> Advanced --> System --> Hardware Acceleration
  2. Create a new/fresh profile using the “People” menu on the top-right of the browser. Open the menu --> Manage People --> Add Person. The browser will relaunch with a clean profile and no enabled extensions. Take a few moments to browse using this new profile and note whether performance increases.
  3. Try downloading the Beta or Developer versions of Brave. Both can be downloaded, installed and run without interfering with any other Brave version you have on your machine (so you don’t need to worry about your data being overwritten). Browse normally for a while and note whether or not performance improves.
  4. If you have Brave Rewards enabled (as asked in first set of questions), can you try disabling it (temporarily)? Disable, relaunch, and see if the issue reproduces after browsing normally for a while.

Please let me know the results of any tests and/or additional details you can provide about this.
Thank you.

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I imported data from Firefox when I first started using Brave. I had no issues with that. I have used Brave, nearly exclusively since. That’s been about 90 days with no issues at all.

When the browser slowed, I figured it was on my end - problems with my internet connection. I lived with it for several days, maybe five days. In that period of time, I would most likely have had the two extensions that I use intermittently, activated for some period of the time but I generally toggle them off after using them. I don’t think it’s connected.

I finally, reluctantly, opened firefox and was surprised when it zipped along, I made no changes top Brave, when it began working normally again.

I use the internet for work and have the sites I visit are static. This was akin to driving to work through a traffic jam, you can do nothing about. And now it’s cleared.


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Hi Mattches,

I did some testing with Version 0.61.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) (64-bit). I installed it along the newer version by dragging it to the applications folder and renaming it to Brave Browser 2. By not relaunching it, it doesn’t complete the update proces and thus remains the old version. As far as I can tell the same problem persists. Mainly graphic anomalies when typing in search bars and flickering elements in a site. I’ve made a screen shot of what happens if I type in the main search bar. As far as I could tell your suggested solutions didn’t work unfortunately.


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I have tried downloading 2 different versions of 0.61.51 for windows and neither one will download in under 5 hours!!! I am running Win 10 Home version 1903. My system has become SO slow since I downloaded Brave that I’m wondering if I really want to keep it.

I have the latest version of Brave and am unable to install the previous version due to time constraints. (I’m simply NOT going to wait 5 hours for Brave 0.61.51 to download)

I have installed no extensions since downloading Brave

I have turned off everything that you mentioned in re: Brave features etc.

I imported everything from chrome that was available because otherwise it simply refused to import anything!

I disabled Hardware Accel. But there was no “Manage People” in my menu!

There has been no improvement or change since doing all of the above! What do I do now?



This thread is in reference to slow Brave perofrmance rather than slow downloads. Did you download by visiting
If so, can you try downloading the standalone installer from our Github page?



I understand that this is about performance … doesn’t having nothing happening in the browser refer to performance??
Yes, I did say I tried downloading the earlier version of Brave and it kept increasing the time left to download … doesn’t that have something to do with performance since I was using Brave?
All of the other stuff was in reference to the suggestions you made.
I am having the very same problem as everyone else here … Brave barely works and since I downloaded it, everything has slowed down!



I am becoming very frustrated, Mattches! I am experiencing the exact same problem as everyone else … Ever since downloading Brave (on the Brave download page) EVERYTHING on my computer has slowed to a crawl, but, especially the Brave browser. I followed ALL of your suggestions for speeding up Brave and nothing worked.
I am QUITE aware that this thread is NOT about downloads and IS about Brave’s performance as I stated in my last message, and I AM most definitely referring to Brave’s performance. The information I gave about downloading was in response to YOUR suggestion that we go to github and download the previous version of Brave. I was simply informing you that I could not follow your suggestion since Brave would NOT download anything … Just as it doesn’t work to browse the web!
This message is NOT about downloading! It is about the fact that Brave is NOT working as a browser should. ie. it is slower than a snail!!



Please stop with the all caps – it doesn’t, nor has it ever, made anything better.

Additionally, I didn’t suggest that you download and install a previous version. I offered the standalone installer which contains the necessary files to install locally without having to fetch them from anywhere online – I made this suggestion because I thought you were referring to the actual download speed of the Brave installation files.


But your initial reply was,

This is why I told you about the standalone installer, which may not take 5 hours to download.

What I would suggest is confirming that Brave is the root cause of your system slowdown by uninstalling it and seeing if your system performance improves. If it does, we can work on getting Brave reinstalled and functioning properly.



Well, you’re right about one thing. Uninstalling solves my slow computer problem. I think I’ll just go away now



@Mattches - I don’t know if this is of any use, but thought it was worth a mention:

Since updating to 0.61.52 (Windows 10), with Brave open I’ve been seeing a large volume of memory management popups and high memory utilization.

I’ve got the exact same session/tabs open as I had in .51 (they’re all work related and I’ve not had much opportunity to browse around elsewhere since!). With .51 I was not seeing any “Low on Memory” errors, but with .52 I’ve seen a good few, as already mentioned. Therefore, maybe it’s a question of memory usage?

Happy to provide any extra info that may be of use though, just wanted to offer up my two pennies

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