Brave has become unbearably slow

The browser has become excruciatingly slow. Even a simple webpage take forever to load and there is a lot of lag when I try to switch tabs. Also, Youtube videos play after 10-15 seconds and there is a significant lag in going fullscreen on Youtube.

I searched on community and tried these things–
Disabling and removing extensions
Disabling Hardware acceleration
Resetting the browser
Creating new profile
Reinstalling Browser

But nothing made the browser to improve.

It reproduces every single time I open the browser and it has become annoying.

Version–V1.27.109 Chromium: 91.0.4472.164 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Windows 10 21H1

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When you created the new profile to test, did you close the original profile window that was open?

What do you have your history set at? Have you tried clearing out your history and cookies? It could be that cookies are still opened at other sites causing a slow down in your network.

Any reason for disabling Hardware acceleration?

Measuring Brave performance Click on and More Tools and Task manager to show cpu usage.

Yup. It didnt work.
After that I even deleted the original profile and tried again. But still nothing changed.

I resetted the whole browser dude.
Deleted browsing history, cookies, caches and removed every addons.
The problem still persists

as an avid user of Chrome who is getting tired of the telemetry and Ad campaigns, I was eager to give Brave a try. Sadly, I experience similar symptoms as [anantaram], with Brave becoming a huge memory hog.
Loaded with the exact number of extensions, having the same amount of tabs and websites open and started with a clean slate of cookies, cache and anything else that can be safely cleaned, Brave is using almost twice the amount of RAM as Chrome. The overall system response is visibly and noticeably slower, even with Chrome closed.
No idea why that is, since I haven’t dug into the details yet, but at first glance Brave has been a bit of a disappointment. I will keep testing and get back if warranted.
Keep up the good work, though! We need a good and safe browser very badly!

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I have also noticed that Brave slows down with each release. A long time ago
(approx. 2 years) Brave was by far the fastest browser;
that’s why I switched to Brave at the time. Today Brave is only mediocre when it comes to speed.
Instead of cramming more and more functions into Brave like
for example IPFS (that nobody needs and nobody wants that) makes Brave faster again. Thank you.

IPFS won’t impact performance, not every new feature impacts browsing perf. I would test Brave in a new profile (Try Brave Beta, no extensions) see how it performs. @Johann

Try using with no extensions as a base. see if performance is okay. Which extensions do you have? @MilosCoxen

well, I have reset Brave to the original settings and removed all extensions and did the same with Chrome. Result: Brave ‘base’ uses about 1½ times the memory as Chrome, which increases with each extension added. Strange…

For the mentioned comparison I added following extensions to Brave - (Note: I’m well aware that I don’t need some of these with Brave, but since they were active in Chrome they were added to have a more accurate side-by-side performance lineup)
AdGuard AdBlocker
FreshStart - Cross Browser Session Manager
G App Launcher
Google Analytics Opt-out
Google Translate
Google Voice
Hoxx VPN Proxy
Incredible StartPage
WebRTC Leak Shield

PS: please do not take my feedback to [anantaram]'s topic as criticism. It’s merely an observation, which may or may not help pinpoint some underlying issues. Needless to say, Edge behaves not much better and in some instances even worse.

With no extensions, a clean Brave profile. How does it perform? Adguard Adblock isn’t needed, because we have shields @MilosCoxen

I tried solutions which I find in this community. Disabling Hardware Acceleration worked for some but didnt work in my case.
Also, In task manager I am getting average reading about 20% in CPU with 2 extensions enable

I tried re-installing it again and surprisingly it is working better. There is not much lag in Youtube and the performance has improved even with extensions enabled.

I have no idea how that happened I just hope that it doesnt get worse.

@anantaram I’m glad that it is working at least a little better. Will be keeping this thread open for now just in case. Would also like to direct @MilosCoxen to this conversation regarding Brave vs Chrome memory usage:

I was having the same problem. The way I fixed it was by going into the task manager and opening the details tab, then I started killing the Brave Browser processes randomly (there were about 8 of them). When you kill a process another one pops up, so the number of processes will always remain the same. I just kept shutting them down at random. I did this a few times in a row and suddenly the issue was fixed.

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