Browser is EXTREMELY irritatingly slow every time I launch it

Hello there, nice to meet you all =)

I got this problem, please listen carefully:
everytime I open brave, everytime I launch it for a new instance, and I really mean EVERYTIME, IT IS SLOW AS HELL.

It doesn’t matter which page I chose, when I chose it and whatever setting is done:

IT ALWAYS happens; both if I click on a fav page or even i write a random site, whatever it is, it takes from 20-30 seconds minimum to reach that page, up even to a minute and so;
This problem occurred absolutely randomly about 2-3 weeks ago; until that moment, it worked absolutely normally as it worked before.

I didn’t installed anything new or whatever program can block/limit the brave funcionality and my PC is clean enough; I work on windows 11 (updated, ofc).

It occurs everytime as I already said: after that wait, the other pages I try to load it loads “ALMOST” normally (I say almost because it is slower than before, anyway).

i checked tons and tons of posts about this problem in the last 4 days both on this site and in many other sites where they talked about this problem that unfortunately seems to be quite common.

I tried all and I repeat ALL the things I found and that are suggested to do:

  • disable hardware acceleration (even if there is NOT ANY hardware acceleration feature in brave setting, but just a “GRAPHIC ACCELERATION” option);
  • delete cache, cookies, history, browsing data and so on;
  • remove extensions;
  • remove plugins;
  • remove DNS settings;
  • remove VPN settings;
  • new profile, blank profile;
  • private window;
  • uninstall, delete all settings, keys, register voices, folders, settings, links and all that stuff;
  • updated, latest version, clean new download;
  • curses of various kinds;

nothing and I repeat NOTHING, works. The result stil the same.
The first load is frustartingly slow.

I use other browsers and they works absolutely normally (such as firefox and stuff).

Please really PLEASE can you give me the final solution? I really appreciate it.
thank you very much!!!

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