The ability to turn off the auto Auto scrolling and zoom when you tap on a text field box

Does wanting the ability to turn off an existing feature count as a feature request? I’m not really sure. So anyway… I’ve tried just letting this go and ignoring it. but it’s really getting to me anytime I tap on a text/typing area. it attempts to scroll and zoom in To what I believe what it thinks is the perfect position. and so it’s bad at it most of the time the window winds up behind my keyboard. It’s not a fix for the function I’m hoping to see. because even if it worked I’d still want to turn it off. most of the time I’ve already done all the screen positioning before I’ve even tapped on the text area so a lot of times it’s just undoing what I’ve already done. Plus I’m back and forth constantly between speech to text and my keyboard and it thinks it has to reposition the browser page every single time there’s a switch between the two so every time that’s what happens I have to pull the screen up from behind my keyboard and because it’s usually on a scrollable text field takes three or four swipes before it moves. This is pretty much the only thing that’s ever really bugged me about Brave besides your logo. I love the browser it’s the best browser I’ve used since win98’s Internet Explorer 4… but I hate that logo I want it to stop staring at me! But yeah no more Auto scrolling of any kind and kill your logo. so until next time bye🤪