Turn Off auto fill when filling the same form


Im new to the Brave browser coming from Firefox & Chrome, i have gone down the beta builds as i really did need the Sync feature for mobile and desktop. I have tried my best to look for an answer for this but i cannot find anything on the beta build.

is there a way to turn off the AutoFill for fields as there is a certain website i have to use for inputting data and when i start to type the same thing or similar thing the field brings up what i am typing as it might be something i have saved before in this system as it has an auto complete feature but with brave it is also bringing a field over the top of that as it is remembering what i have typed before and i cannot select what the system dropdown is showing

hope the above makes sense but is there a way i can turn this off at all.?

Thanks for reaching out.
Would you be able to provide a sceenshot of this behavior? Would make it easier to diagnose. And which OS are you using?

Hi had to take image on phone to be able to see issue.

As we start to type you can see the drop-down that our system uses but then brave adds this over and want to disable this , it does it for alot of things bringing up past things we have typed.

PC windows 10 im using version 0.58.21


You could try disabling Autofill.

Just open brave://settings/?search=Autofill.

Try disabling: Addresses and more first, then Passwords and Payment methods

Let me know if that helped.



Disabled the address section and that worked, thanks for your help, i will be honest i did not try that with it saying addresses.

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