Is there a way to turn off Search Suggestions?

It’s really annoying how in some sites, when I click on a search bar, I get this search suggestion bar:

I can’t for the life of me find a way to turn this off. Can anyone help me with this?

Umm, it looks more like a keyboard suggestion than one from Brave, to me.
Anyway for brave, can be done via going to settings → Appearance → Turn off ‘Autocomplete suggestions in Address bar’. This is for PC.

For mobile
Settings → Brave Shields and Privacy ->Turn off ‘Show autocomplete in Address bar’ , ‘Autocomplete for searches and URLs’.

If this is keyboard related as I think it is, can be done by going to keyboard settings.

Turning off “Autocomplete suggestions in Address bar” just makes it so the Browser’s Address bar doesn’t do it. I WANT the Browser’s Address bar suggestions. What I don’t want are these suggestions for words I already searched on some sites with a search bar on them. It only has happened in just 2 websites so far but I’d rather it not happen at all.
I’m pretty sure I was able to turn that off when I used to use Microsoft Edge so it’s definitely not my Keyboard, even more so cause I have that option already turned off

Bumping this cause I really want an answer

I will tag @saoiray to see if he has something which I missed. Thanks for your Patience!

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