Optional disable autofocus on input fields

if possible, you can make an item in the settings for prohibiting autofocus for the android version. this is almost always inconvenient, especially on sites with a lot of input forms. If you can do it until you click on the form, the focus does not work and the keyboard does not pop out.

you just need to add autofocus removal, I think this simple setting will be used by many on tablets.
for example, on this site, I click on search and an input field appears, but at the same time the keyboard pops up, but maybe I don’t want to enter a query, maybe I just think about it and if I want to, I’ll click on the field, and if I don’t want to, I’ll just hide it field, but at the same time I will see less distracting attention in the form of a keyboard.

@Brave-Browser-Fanboy i get here reply? :slight_smile: also @Mattches, @Asad

We often will not respond to feature requests unless necessary – we appreciate you leaving this and will review it as well as other feature requests as they come in.

Thank you for your feedback.

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thanks for reply. on tablet very not usability this. on phone this not see but tablet is no nice. i alweys get keyboard if form have autofocus :expressionless:

@Mattches you can suggest a way to remove autofocus in the tablet version and make the field active only after activating it with a tap? there may be some flag to use, otherwise the browser is very inconvenient to use on a tablet :sweat: And if you add this, it’s a trifle, but it will become an advantage of the browser, I’m sure tablet users suffer from the fact that the keyboard constantly leaves on sites where there are many forms with autofocus. for example, in a search on this site, it is not always convenient.

example this https://www.reddit.com/login/, https://community.brave.com/search very nice form this no have autofocus, but so nice sites very small in web, and very many autofocus for tablet no good.