Scroll on top please!

Hello Brave please integrated in the bottom bar scroll on top! It’s so tedious to quickly scroll up through websites in your browser! Take a look at the Samsung browser, it has something like this integrated into the bottom bar of the app! Please add this to both iOS and Android using the same principle! This feature would also be desirable in your desktop browser! I’ll try to post in your community to focus on this topic. thanks

Absolutely! Would love to see this feature.

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Brave just doesn’t respond even though this feature is so important!

They’re busy. The team is quite small and already has a lot of tickets and other things to go through.

We can tag @mattches

We typically don’t respond to feature requests. There mostly here for us to silently review and show our devs as ideas for new features in the browser.


Then I would like to forward this feature to the devs. I’m someone who doesn’t keep quiet and just accepts it. Many will simply say nothing and delete your browser, which would be regrettable. Thank you for your further support.

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