[POLL] Full screen = address&bottom bar's auto-hide might be "controversial" but also — useful feature?

Some people love Full-screen, some people don’t. /please read that Reddit thread to understand the context.

I love it! /full screen on the Brave 4 mobile.

= Why don’t we have an OPTIONAL :triangular_flag_on_post: flag, that we used to have in the previous versions, called -
disabled by default but with the ability to enable it? :frowning:

If Chrome abandoned it, Brave doesn’t have to.

:heavy_plus_sign: Poll:

Would you use Full-screen mode? (toolbar autohide/show on scroll)
  • Yes! Absolutely.
  • No, my screen size is perfect as it is

0 voters

:heart:@Mattches @rossmoody @Aa-ron @alex @steeven

I would recommend putting posts like this into the Feature Request section.

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