Address bar at bottom and auto-select address bar on new tab


I am requesting a feature to allow the address bar at the bottom of the screen. This reduces the reach to the top for long phones when opening the browser or a new tab.

To go along with this, a feature to “auto-select” the address bar so you can just begin typing immediately upon opening the browser or a new tab. I have a physical keyboard device and upon opening a new tab I always have to tap on the address bar first. You can make it so it doesn’t open the virtual keyboard until tapped, but starting typing on the physical keyboard goes into the address bar.


Yes, please! It is so annoying to have to click on the address bar when using a physical keyboard… For me it’s almost a deal breaker for Brave on mobile… Also adding a bookmarks bar and other desktop quality of life and useful features to the mobile version would be nice

Just adding my vote to this.
Using in Brave on my PC I’m used to opening a new tab and just typing away.
I keep forgetting this on the App and starting typing into thin air. (Tablet with Keyboard)