Sync will not work in Arch Linux when keys unlocked and avaiable

Hi Guys
I use Brave-Nightly on everything with no issue but on Arch Linux sync has never worked for me.

I have followed ever bit of advice i can find it does work!!

Really frustrating when i can get Firefox to sync , i appreciate Brave uses a different method but nothing i try works. I have tried standard Brave , Beta as well just the same.

Brave [
Version 1.54.25 Chromium: 114.0.5735.90 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)

@JimB1 would you happen to have any ideas on things to look at by chance? I wanted to tag you in as you sometimes appear over the weekend.

Beyond that, going to tag in @Mattches and @steeven in hopes they might be able to check in on this when they get back.

I would set those first two Sync-related ‘flags’ to ‘Default’ just in case.

After that, @osopolar , how do you unlock or log into your system? Do you use a password, or some kind of biometric (fingerprint, etc.), PIN, etc.?

I have already tried default option before I set to active. I login with password sddm to access system normal login procedure

If you reboot the system, log in (with password), then check kdewallet (make sure it is already unlocked), and then start Brave, does the problem still occur?

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I think the problem is with my Linux setup.
I have a combo desktop with Arch KDE - DWM setup.
SO i can login to KDE and use everything as normal i can also login to another desktop type of the same O/S DWM which uses the same apps.
I have no issue with any apps other that Brave for some reason i guess how it is designed.
I have Brave as my daily driver and everything is fine and i am logged into my items and my cookies remember. But if i move over to my other desktop environment same o/s same user no rebooting just logout and re login
But Brave logs me out of everything and Sync breaks so i guess its a design issue. But i do not get this in Firefox or Edge ??

Thanks. But when you get a moment please let us know about results of the above, when following those steps exactly.

Please also make sure you don’t have anything enabled under ‘On exit’ at brave://settings/clearBrowserData.

Plasma KDE screenshots Kwallet & Sync works


Is all unchecked

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Why are bug posts closed when the issue is not fixed?
I opened one Sync will not work in Arch Linux when keys unlocked and avaiable
I responded to the questions but it was just closed

As it says, it’s because nobody has said anything in 30 days. It makes the assumption that either the issue is resolved or the person doesn’t care anymore. It’s important to keep topics alive.

Lastly, it’s important to tag people. Simply replying is not enough to send a notification. And if we aren’t notified, then it’s a roll of the dice if we actually see your topic. Keep in mind there are hundreds of posts each day, not to mention all the tickets and other issues that get worked on as well.

HI i was asked some questions which i responded to.
I thought somebody was looking into it as i do not like to bug people.
But as i still have the issue was checking back

So are you saying i need to copy paste my original issue and open i new post?

@osopolar No, you’re good. I’m speaking to m6f0h91p who was complaining saying what about other users who are having the same issue, especially if it’s after 30 days and topics are locked. The answer to that is those newer people should create new issues.

In regards to your topic, I’ll go ahead and merge yours with this one.

@Mattches @steeven can y’all check in on this when you have time?

@osopolar There have been updates since you originally post. Can you make sure to share if you’re using newer versions and just verify you’re still having an issue?

Hi the issue has never been fixed or gone away
Currently running [
Version 1.58.21 Chromium: 115.0.5790.75 (Official Build) nightly (64-bit)


@osopolar ,

I couldn’t reproduce your issue, because in fact I could not install Arch Linux, as it is a non-trivial thing. Preconfigured image from didn’t work for me because it refused to accept arch (password: arch) credentials somehow.

When Brave can’t get access to OS safe storage these three systems don’t work:

  • Sync;
  • security cookies, which are used to stay logged in to websites;
  • password manager.

There was a bug that it was broken in Brave for KDE: but now it must work.

@osopolar , did you tried Google Chrome on your Arch Linux? Does it work well with website logins/password manager? (As it uses the same code to Brave does to access Safe storage / KDE wallet)

I am actually on Arcolinux and as mentioned I am using a combo which is KDE and DWM.
When I am in KDE sync works but when I switch to DWM just a different desktop environment but using same browser and profile sync is locked

Hi @Alexey ,

I have the same problem on Debian 12 with Brave version 1.56.11 Chromium: 115.0.5790.102 (Official Build) (64-bit).
I get logged out every few days as described at
Usually it’s not a big deal for me, but it gets annoying over time.
Maybe there is still a bug?