Brave sync works flawlessly... well done

Been using Brave sync on my laptop and desktop. Each of these have two versions (Beta and Dev). Sync works flawlessly on all the browsers. Right now I copy the sync phrase to my email and copy that during sync settings. A job really well done… kudos to the team.

Is there any other options for sync such as user created password or password generated by password managers such as bitwarden will come in future?



I’m planning on taking an old box and adding Linux Mint to it.

Then I was going to gradually migrate my 2 Win7 boxes over to it to convert them.

Will the Brave sync work across these platforms?

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I have not tested with Mint and Win 7.
I have windows 10 and antergos in two computers. They are synced.
Hope it will work with Linux Mint but not sure about Win 7.
@Mattches can answer that.


Yes, you are correct.
Brave Sync will…well, it’ll Sync your data (right now its only bookmarks since it’s still in testing phase. will be “all browsing data” once complete) between devices. Desktop --> Desktop, Desktop --> Mobile, Mobile --> Tablet, Tablet --> Desktop, etc.

You would essentially just create a Sync chain on your Win 7 machines. Then, on your new Mint machines (with Brave installed) use that Sync code to add the new machines to the chain. Once complete, data should be identical across devices (again, right now it’s only bookmarks, so keep this in mind).
Full guide on using Sync here:

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Sorry that I sounded like I was asking you directly. I was anticipating a general response. Thanks to @Mattches for that response. Good to know.

I barely use bookmarks. I use Sidewise far more. The hibernated inactive tabs are like my bookmarks. I like the vertical hierarchical organization (also good in Firefox bookmarks).

What other features will you be syncing in the future? Closed tabs lists? Sessions? Sidewise? Preferences? Passwords? Sync with Chrome and/or Firefox and/or Vivaldi?

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