Why are topics closed when user still has a fault

Why are bug posts closed when the issue is not fixed?
I opened one Sync will not work in Arch Linux when keys unlocked and avaiable
I responded to the questions but it was just closed

5 posts were merged into an existing topic: Sync will not work in Arch Linux when keys unlocked and avaiable

closes after 30 days does not make sense tbh. How will new users reply who see after 30 days if the topic is closed and have the same issue? They will need to create a new topic and that can cause duplication of the same topic instead of keeping it alive in same topic.

They would create a new topic. Just because it’s a similar issue doesn’t mean it’s the same exact issue. To be honest, the “me too” replies on topics are not helpful at all. They can distract and pull attention away from the OP or cause confusion for Support because they start seeing a lot of additional information.

I know that I’ve seen some topics get hijacked just because one of the “me too” people were more active in talking and in the end, one person was helped but OP never got a solution. So yeah, each person generally should create their own topic unless instructed otherwise (Such as how there’s the ongoing topic at How to get help from Brave support and sharing Ticket IDs for people having Rewards payment issues).

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It may be a difficult one to answer as my setup is not very common.
Maybe the Brave sync cannot support combo desktops !
Would a Brave Dev know?