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Unknown Device Name:

**I am a dumb to all this but I know one thing I do not know who a device name is in my sync setting under Data; Section Devices!

I don’t know how to delete them or stop them from syncing my settings!

*Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):

**the type of device I only operate on is my IPhone XR right now! There is a
Star icon I don’t ever use as well it’s yellow with blue outline around the star
One Device says IPhone the other says a country name or something don’t know who or what that means but the last sync it states “12/12/2022 @ 13:58

Can anyone help me understand this
Thank you!!!
Additional Information:

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If you need to remove someone from sync, click on the garbage bin button besides the installation which you Want to stop syncing to.

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Hello there @Skittlez46 also you can try completely deleting that sync chain by going to brave://settings/braveSync > Leave sync chain and then creating a new sync chain on your device.

Let me know if that works.

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Can you explain how to

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based on this:

it seems you only need to tap on the device you want to remove and get the popup to remove it.
The problem is since those devices already have your data. There is a way to workaround it, but I don’t think it can be done in iOS.

But what I would do to make sure the other devices get the information deleted, is to leave the sync chain in your iOS, then get a computer or an Android device, install the latest Nightly (this because Nightly supports to delete the sync chain), join that sync chain that was in your iOS (you make sure you copied the code correctly), then you reset all data, clear it all, passwords, history, and settings and all, all the time brave://settings/clearBrowserData
So the erased data gets synched (if those devices are getting used or whatever happened that you see them in the list), then you could leave it like that for a while, and make a new Sync Chain in your iOS if you desire.

But eventually you can go to brave://settings/braveSync/setup scroll down and hit the delete sync chain and it will make it useless, at least so nobody uses your code in case someone got it.
This would be the only way to ‘remotely’ wipe your data from other devices, removing sync chain will not do that, since it will remove the sync information from servers but not from the devices.

Of course, this is done if you want to make sure your information can be wiped from other devices you don’t recognize, if not, just remove the devices from Sync Chain and hope they never used your passwords and information or anything of your info.

@Skittlez46 on your iPhone go to Sync-internals and then select disable sync on the top right corner, then try to initiate a new sync chain to see if you are able to do it.