Is possible remove devices the chain sync?

How to delete devices that we no longer use from the synchronization chain?

It is not yet officially possible and an effort is underway to include this feature in the next update.

More information here:

I tell them to install the beta version and almost all the devices that I do not use were deleted from the synchronization chain. Including old facilities. Only the old devices that were used from the month of December 2020 are preserved.

I recommend that you install the beta version of brave to see if it can erase devices that you no longer use or installations that stopped syncing.

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This feature is available for stable release 1.18.x 🤷

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Devices that I no longer had in my possession or from which I had uninstalled Brave without first unlinking them from the synchronization chain cannot be deleted from it and although they do not cause any conflict with the synchronization, I am very annoying for my OCDs.

Now I just can’t delete the ones that were added in December 2020.

The last comment from issue you linked above said

Inherited part code from Chromium does cleanup for devices which hadn’t do any activity for a long period (~3 months if I remember correctly).

So, for device that unable to get an update, you’ll need to wait for ~3 months.

That said, there’s no way to delete device which is older than version 1.18.x

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Unsure if this helps as it is from mobile Brave Official, but I am able to remove devices from mobile in the UI:

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If the device using older version, the trash icon will not appear @Frankguy


When I switch to the “Beta” version the old devices are removed.

Thank you for the information that devices without activity in 3 months will be eliminated. In 3 months I will do an image update.

At the moment, it no longer causes me as much anxiety to see 2 devices that I do not use as the 15 that I could never delete on my own.

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Yep, same issue here. Brave states that I’m able to manage each device from any other one, but that won’t work. Mobile devices do I have to remove on that specific device. From desktop I’m only able to remove another Android device but not an iOS/iPadOS one.

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