I can't delete a synced device nor leave the sync chain

Hi everyone, I can’t delete a previously synced device, I keep clicking delete device but it’s not working, the same is happening when I try to leave the sync chain on pc. This isn’t happening on my phone. I’ve tried unninstalling and installing again but it didn’t work.

If this has happen to some of you and you’ve solved the problem i would appreciate your help/advice.


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Same here, there is one device that will not let me delete. Did you find any fix or more info on this?

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Hey, thank you for the thread. For me it’s kind of similar here, I’m able to delete the device (it doesn’t appear within the sync chain anymore), but, when I use that device again, it still has all my information (bookmarks, passwords, etc), I even tried to reinstall brave and still has all my info.

I first did that as a test, now the device is lost and I’m afraid anyone with access to it will be able to se all my information, is there any way to really delete a device from the sync chain? I mean, leaving Brave at its full reset?

I have the device ID. I appreciate your help.

Brave doesn’t have an email for costumer support, right?