How to remove device (not available) from Sync list

I have previously installed Brave beta (1.13.x) on the computer; uninstalled it before I installed the lastest Brave Release version (1.12.112). Now I have the same device twice in sync; because I did not leave the Sync chain before uninstalling the Beta version.
How can I remove the unused device from Sync devices list?

Brave version: 1.12.112

Type of devices running on Sync chain in question:

  • Linux, Brave version: 1.12.112
  • Android, Brave version: 1.12.106

Did you also delete browsing data when you uninstalled Brave Beta? If you didn’t, you could quickly install Beta (which will retain your data/settings if you didn’t delete it), go to Sync and select Leave sync chain at the bottom of the page.

The device will then be removed from the chain and you can uninstall Beta again.

@Mattches Unfortunately I deleted data when uninstalling.

Thanks for confirming. Let me reach out to the team and see what they suggest.

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Thank you again for the report. So it seems that at this time there’s no way to do this. That said, we have opened the following issue to include this option in future updates:

Additionally, it’s worth noting that even though that device is still part of the chain, it shouldn’t cause any issues with new devices added to the chain or that are currently on it. You can also use the Leave sync chain option on both new stable browsers, then create a new chain with only those two.


@Mattches Thank you for suggestions and taking the issue into consideration for future releases.

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