Random devices listed on brave sync

Hey guys,

I recently downloaded the brave app on my android phone and MacBook. When I tried to sync my MacBook with my phone I ended up with a list of 20+ different devices that I did not recognise on my list of " devices on your chain" . I found this very concerning and worrying as some devices had random names of other people.

I ended up deleting and uninstalling brave off both my devices but was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue, and if so, were there any further complications such a privacy breaches.


Hi, @a132def053cc3106883, I didn’t have this issue, personally, and I couldn’t find anything mentioned of a similar issue in a quick search.

Have you checked your (home) network? Your Wi-Fi and Tethering?..

Just leave the Sync Chain and create a new one. This sync chain may have been compromised, so simply leave it.

Yeah that was my concern, now I’m worried about any breach of my private data in the case that my info was synced with the other devices.