Doubts about the functioning of sync

Where is the data that is synchronized between the devices saved? Let me explain better…

If the settings in the browser control panel (brave://settings/braveSync/setup) apply only to the device you are accessing from, because you can only remove the device you are actively operating from (even if it is indicated that: “the device list below includes all devices in your synchronization chain. Each device can be managed from any other device”), how do I delete all the synchronized data saved in the chain?

Suppose you delete Brave from a device without first removing it from the synchronization chain (as happened to me), you can no longer remove that device from the synchronization chain by accessing other devices that are synchronized with it.

So, the data synchronized in this ghost device (including passwords) remains exposed and I no longer have availability, access and control over it?

Isn’t there any way I know of to reset the synchronization chain, assuming I remain in possession of the reference seed at all times?!

Brave Version: 1.13.82

Dell XPS (Windows 10 Pro); LG G6 (Android 10)

First, we have an open issue to include a “Remove from Sync chain” option into the Sync UI:

Second, none of your data is exposed to due the client side encryption used to keep user data safe. More information on that here:

Yes, but this only solves the problem of removing devices from the chain. In fact, it is impossible to remove the synchronized and stored data in the chain, unless you delete them one by one.

As far as I know, there is no way to delete synchronized data from brave’s servers (for example by deleting all passwords in bulk), therefore, in fact, we do not have full availability. By deactivating the synchronization of individual items, they are not deleted. Proof of this is the fact that by reinserting the seed everything is re-synchronized.

Hi @ciessemme, let me try to clarify a few things. So, in the way the current sync model works, if you remove a bookmark, password, other item, it will delete it from the server (keeping a tombstone with the id) and then remove it from the other clients when they sync. But yes, to your point, that requires removing them one by one. We are working a way to bulk delete the sync chain. In the meantime, you can make a support request with your sync id if you like and we can remove the chain. Please let me know if that helps answer your question.

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Hello, guys @jsecretan @Mattches

I have a question and would really appreciate if you take the time to respond.

How long does brave servers keep the Synced data? if not using Brave browser for a long period of time for instance.

I ask this because I started using brave and I am using the Sync feature as a backup feature. I just turn on the “Sync Everything” switch and then save my Sync code to use it latter in case I have to reinstall Brave and recover my data and configuration.

I just want to know how safe it is. If I uninstall Brave, how long can I be away and be sure Brave servers are going to keep my backed up data linked to my Sync code.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @cocoteco, we currently do not remove synced data. However, in the future we may end up cleaning up certain sync chains that have been abandoned for a long long time. Also, realize that Brave sync will not keep checkpoints like a true backup would. So, it is still recommended that you use traditional backups to cover the cases where, for instance, you accidentally delete a bookmark.

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Thank you very much for clarifying this to me. I really appreciate it @jsecretan

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