Sync new phone? Last phone kaput

How do I sync my new phone with the last, which has a severed screen? The last phone is kaput and I’d like to copy all of the bookmarks & other info to the new phone. The last phone was synced to a prior, 3rd phone, but that one has some problems with a cracked screen.

@Android Question is, can you still see the screen? For you to say you had devices synced means you know how to sync devices. So ideally you would just get one or both of the devices you have synced, would look at the sync code, and then put in the code on your new phone. Then they’d all be connected together.

In any case, you may want to check out the links below. It’s about the best I can do on detailed instructions and giving you the options you have. If you don’t have a code saved and can’t access old devices to get sync code, then you can do nothing.

The last phone’s screen came out & severed the electrical connections. The phone I had before that was synced, but the screen is badly cracked & the image badly deformed.

Well, if you don’t have a sync code written down and can’t access sync from any of your devices, then there’s no way to get it necessarily.

That said, there are possible ways. Such as How to Access Android Phone with No Screen or How to Access Android with No Screen and No Touch Function that’s listed at

But it’s nothing quick and easy necessarily. All your Sync information is not saved to an acount like Google does. Your sync code/phrase is the only way to access the information.

Unlisted as even though should be inactive/expired, Sync QR code was shared. While unlisting doesn’t keep it 100% secure, it helps restrict who can see this topic. QR codes, sync phrases, passwords, seed phrases, etc should never be shared with anyone.

My last phone

Yeah, I see. Kind of bad. As to unlisting, I just always err on the side of caution. I am not going to pretend to be all that smart when it comes to things, but figure want as few things visible to people as possible. I figure there’s always some genius with bad intents who could figure out how to adjust a QR to make it active or whatever else, lol.

But yeah, if you could get the phone active on something like a computer or TV using the methods shared in that side, it may let you interact with it enough to see and get your sync phrase. Beyond that, guessing would need to go to a repair shop or something. Not sure if they could help you even temporarily gain access without charging you an arm and a leg to actually replace the screen.

On the one where QR was kind of showing, if it’s responsive enough, you should be able to access the phrase instead of the QR code, perhaps. But not quite sure. All depends on your luck on it loading and responsiveness of your screen.

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I deleted as it showed a mutated QR code, but you saw how bad it was. But I was able to generate code words, saw through the clutter a “copy to clipboard” and tapped that, opened Google Keep Notes & pasted the words there using my older 2nd phone. With that phone connected to my new phone’s hotspot, I was able to retrieve the sync words on my new phone through Google keep. Now my new phone appears to be synced. Thanks.


I will also look into this. Thank you, you were very helpful.

How to Access Android Phone with No Screen or How to Access Android with No Screen and No Touch Function

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