PSA: Current FAQ

Adding a device to an existing Sync chain

Step 1

  • On the device that is currently on a sync chain, make sure you go to settingssync and write down the code or be ready to scan the QR code.

Step 2

  • On the device you want to add to the existing chain, go to SettingsSync where you should see something like you do in one of the two screenshots below (if the first screenshot, then click on it to go to second screenshot):

Photos 1_19_2023 19_19_23

Settings - Brave 1_19_2023 18_55_54

NOTE If you don’t see these options, it likely means you have already started a chain. If you’re already in a chain, you’ll need to remove it by clicking the trash or remove icon in the Sync menu where device name is shown OR you can go to brave://sync-internals (desktop or Android) or on iPhone click the gear icon on top right to get to Sync Internals, then click on Disable Sync (Clear Data) to remove the device from its existing sync. At which point should arrive to current step when going to Sync menu.

Step 3

  • Click/Tap on I have a Sync Code

Step 4

  • Enter the 25 words you have from the existing sync chain -OR- scan the QR code. Then Confirm

Step 5

  • You should now see a list of devices synced together and options of what you want to be able to sync. Select what you want synced. (All devices must have selected to sync content for it to happen. If one has passwords marked and the other doesn’t, then passwords won’t sync)

You should now have your new device added to a sync chain.