PSA: Current FAQ

How to start a new sync chain

Step 1:

  • Go to SettingsSync

Here you’ll see something like the image below:

Settings - Brave 1_19_2023 18_55_54

NOTE If you don’t see these options, it likely means you have already started a chain. If that’s the case, you don’t need to progress further. Your page when you navigated to Sync should show your device and then also buttons that say View Sync Code and Add New Device. Both of those do the same thing but take you different ways to access the sync code or QR.

Step 2:

  • Click/tap Start a new Sync Chain

At this point you’ll get to a screen like below:

Settings - Brave 1_19_2023 19_00_19

Step 3

  • Choose the type of code you’d like. If you click on Phone/Tablet it will show you a QR Code you can save to use. If you choose Computer it will give you a 25 word sync code.

(screenshot below, though with some words blotted out. Temporary/blank profile anyway, just FYI.)

Photos 1_19_2023 19_02_36

Step 4

  • Write down the code or in some way save it so it can be used on the second device (code changes daily, so what you see now won’t be able to be used tomorrow). Then hit Ok.

Step 5

  • Choose what type of information you want to be synced. (design will be different on Mobile, with fewer options of what can be synced, but all is similar)

From here, you’re all set. Just need to add devices to your sync chain.


Keep in mind that, as I mentioned in Step 4, this Sync Code changes daily. If you hadn’t seen it, make sure you read Sync is not a backup