Sync Onboarding Doesn't Match Device Screens

Something seems to have changed since I last setup sync for my devices. I’m attempting to add a new laptop to the sync chain, but neither of my two other devices will allow me to either scan the barcode, or even enter the text phrase.

So on the desktop I click ‘add new device’, I select mobile, and sure enough a bar code pops up to scan on the mobile. However, when I enter the sync settings on my phone, there isn’t any button to enable the camera to scan the bar code.

So, I thought I’d try the phrase instead. Sure enough I’'ve got a phrase offered to input from the laptop to the mobile, but in the mobile sync settings there isn’t a button to enter text!

I’ve done this before, so what is going on.? :wink: It’s baffling.

The laptop is GNU/Linux and Phone is Android.

Any suggestions? Thank-you.

Hello @marathon ,

Your Android device should show this set-up page (1)

But if you see something like this one (2) that mean it’s already on a sync chain.

Click trash icon to leave sync chain. Then you should see set-up page like on the (1) screenshot.

Seems like I missed this part.

In that case,

  1. you’ll need to click “Add new device” from screenshot (2) to get the sync code from Android device
  2. and leave sync chain from your new laptop to see the set-up page
  3. select “I’ve a sync code” and enter code from your Android.

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The process is same @marathon .

  1. If you already have a synced devices (device 1), use that device/s to get the sync code
  2. and when you want to add a new device (device 2, and so on), click “I’ve a sync code” from set-up page and enter the codes from device 1.
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Yeah, I follow your examples, and do know what I’m doing - the point is that I’m not getting the correct dialogue as I should. Seems the sync chain is very confused at the moment. Maybe I should delete the entire chain on my other devices and start over.

@marathon To put it bluntly, chances are both of your devices are on sync chains, hence why you can’t scan. So you need to leave chains on one or both of the devices.

If you’re insistent that isn’t the case, then I’d like to ask you for screenshots of what you’re seeing.

Make sure screenshots DO NOT contain a QR code or your Sync code. If either is shared, that gives anyone seeing it the ability to join your sync chain and to access your information.

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Well, it’s more than 3 devices and no, the new device doesn’t show up on any of the other devices that are synced in the chain. Regardless, I’ll see what I can do in terms of screen grabs.

Right, but what I’m saying is you might have hit the button that says Start a New Sync Chain. Then your phone would be in its own sync chain, which would be why it’s not showing up on the other chain, as a device can only exist on one sync chain at a time.

Believe it or not, we occasionally have people posting the same identical problem as you. And 99% of the time, it’s as I’m saying, that they had created two separate sync chains and then got confused when they suddenly didn’t have the ability to scan anymore, as it’s on the chain.

That said, if you open up the menu within your phone, it should end up showing something like you see in eljuno’s screenshot, where it would show just the one device and the button to Add New Device on the bottom. Or you’ll be on a screen where it will have a button that says View Sync Code.

I’m essentially asking for the screenshot so we can verify what you’re looking at and if that is indeed your issue or if yours might be something else that’s rare or unknown.

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