Where is “I have a Sync Code”?

I’ve managed to get syncing working every time, but only after navigating an extremely confusing process. In particular. the words “I have a Sync Code” don’t appear anywhere under settings | sync on either of my devices. Both interfaces seem to be providing a code, but it’s always difficult finding a place to enter the code from another device.

Update: I discovered that both devices were on different sync chains, so deleted one and got a “Scan or enter sync code” button. Unfortunately, when I click it, it wants to scan the QR code and complains that “Camera permission was not granted”, even though I want to enter the text code, not the QR one. I am NOT going to give a browser access to my phone camera.

Update: After turning on camera access, I find my existing code has expired and am asked to generate a new one, however there is no obvious way to do this, or to delete my desktop device from it’s existing chain… Oh yes, it’s the “Leave sync chain” button at the bottom of the page. Why not a trash can in the ‘REMOVE’ column, as on the android UI? Ok, I see, you can only delete other devices…

Finally, syncing is very slow and there’s no feedback to know it’s actually working.

All of above is constructive feedback, not a complaint. I just think the process could be easier and more clear.

I’m only using sync because there’s no other way to get bookmarks off my phone, so I don’t leave it running and it does a lot of things that are inappropriate to my use case, such as syncing both ways. It should be possible to do a one way backup.

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