Sync from from one computer to another

Hi all, I have a bit of a particular problem. I have an older laptop that has been water damaged and will not turn on. I am trying to sync all the bookmarks from mt brave browser on that laptop to my new one but can figure out how to do so. Any suggestions or advice?

Well, if you had a sync chain and had written down the code, you might have been able to add it to another device that way. The code would have needed you to change the final word, which we could help you with, but that’s one option.

Without Sync chain, then the only other way you would be getting information from the damaged device would have been if you ever did data backups on an external drive or can somehow access data from the drive of the damaged device.

That said, if you can’t access the drive’s data, you don’t have a backup, and you don’t have a sync code from it then you’re kind of out of luck. I mean, if you have a different device, such as a phone, that you had been syncing with it, then you just add new device to the same sync chain and get the valid/active code from your phone.

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