Sync multiple profiles

I am trying to setup Brave so I have a personal and work profile. I have my personal (default) profile setup and on a sync chain with my work laptop, personal laptop and mobile.

When I add a work profile it looks like it needs a separate sync chain? if I add it to the existing chain I think it will simply sync all the favourites etc. from my personal profile into my work one which isn’t what I am looking to do… correct me if I am wrong?


Yes. Both browsers data will be synced to both profiles.

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if you don’t want that to happen, then why add it to the same sync chain in the first place?

anyway, I don’t know if you are aware, but you can choose what to sync in every device

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Well, what I would prefer to happen is as follows:

  1. I add a new ‘work’ profile to Brave
  2. I import all my bookmarks etc. from my work profile on Edge (or Chrome as Edge doesn’t seem to support importing all the data I need - only bookmarks)
  3. That all participates in the same sync chain already in place

In other words - why can’t the sync include additional profiles. It seems to me the way I would now need to do it is:

  1. Add a new ‘work’ profile
  2. Import the bookmarks etc.
  3. Create a new sync chain just for my ‘work’ profile
  4. Add that profile to my other devices and use that sync chain thus requiring I maintain two sync chains

…seems like extra effort, unless I am missing something logical here?


so… what you want is that your “work profile” gets synced between your different devices? or I got it wrong?

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correct. that’s what I am looking to achieve.

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I think that’s not possible at the moment, but you can request it in the feature request section maybe it gets implented some day

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I’m quite surprised this feature does not exist. I’m able to sync most everything else. Why am I able to create profiles if they do not sync across devices? Profiles are such a prominent feature - they are even in the menu bar of the application.

I spent a good amount of time organizing my profiles just to find out they don’t move across machines. Really frustrating.


I second this.

I didn’t know before so I synced my work and private profile on my other computer and it all got merged into one. Very frustrating is well.

Where can I upvote for this feature request?


I would really like this feature too so that my profiles are synchronized across devices.
But as a data engineer I would say this is unlikely to come anytime soon. So I am not going to have my hopes up.
It is both a technical (someone has to implement it) and business (who pays for user’s stored profile data?) problem.


I also want this feature. My use case: I have tech and non-tech multiple projects I work on with various Tabs I open and need for each project. Profiles work great for this.

What I would like is the ability to set up a profile and have each “Profile” settings, passwords, history all show up on either of my computers in the profile itself (not all together) . This will allow me to use two or more laptops and devices more easily to manage multiple projects by using profiles without the risk of leaving information on one that you can’t get on the other.

Almost all of the work I do is in a browser (I’m in SaaS Tech Consulting). To be able to quickly jump to a profile between devices allows me to keep all the work together and would be a huge plus for productivity. I think when I turned on sync after setting up multiple profiles, I was a bit disappointed because it seemed intuitive that it would

Profiles in Google Chrome and now Brave, have been a game changer for my organization. Syncing them cleanly between devices is the next important step I believe in the evolution of the feature.

I made the switch after listening to a Rogan podcast and I’m loving it so far, keep up the good work!



Is the status the same? I would like to sync several profiles.

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FYI, I created a feature request related to this: Copy data (settings, extensions…) between profiles (+ sync)


Safari is adding this feature (multiple profiles in a single account). Please consider prioritizing this.

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Sad to see its not implemented yet, and your request got only 4 votes (including mine). I want this feature so badly. Hope to see it implemented.

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@ppo @baronne @TrailBlazer31

Not sure if this has been solved yet (probs not) and Brave’s user doc on this feature is a bit too obtuse to tell. (Literally says nothing about profiles at all.) It’s probably not tightly scoped enough feature request for individuals (especially less than savvy users) to really sink their mental-modeling teeth into. There’s multiple low vote feature requests on the community forum and that leads to obfuscation of intent and direction. So many people use Profiles, but not so many people understand the power of sync, outside of what the BIG 3 already provide through their OS-coupled and tightly controlled ecosystems. If it’s not going to be easy enough for the “regular” user, business will never allocate resources to see it through.

I would suggest seeing if you can get consolidation from other requests to garner votes in a single request instead of spreading them out on “similar” ones. Here’s a few.

I too see this as a serious hole in the Brave system for Customer eXperience on the whole. I’d be happy to see a more robust (settings, extensions, etc.) sync mechanism, but separated sync per-profile would be a great step. A single “parent” profile to rule a specific users “other” profiles seems like a pretty big lift and not a big reward.


@EnvioX @Browed @npasher You should upvote this one.