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Description of the issue:
I want to Sync Profiles explicitly. I dont see syncing profiles in the documentation. ref: About the Sync category

Is there a documented process to sync individual profiles between devices? I have read several topics that say all passwords are merged between all profiles and makes a bit of a mess. I have several profiles I use for separate businesses with separate accounts for similar websites and if they are co-mingled, I will have a mess.

If the sync chain is profile specific, I could live with that. But would like to see the interface reflect this. For example. On the sync chain page. I would like to see a list of Sync Chains, then under the sync chain, I would like to see the profile listed, then a list of respective devices they are sync’d using this specific Sync Chain.

The documentation for Sync Chain V2 shows several data types but does not mention profiles.

Users will be able to sync multiple different data types across their devices:

  • Bookmarks
  • Passwords
  • Autofill Data
  • History
  • Open Tabs
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Apps

So can the brave browser keep the profiles separate based upon separate sync chains? Or does it still make a mingled mess if there are multiple profiles?

So the answer here is yes and no.
“No” because there is no Sync “data type” for profiles (at this time). I believe there are discussions about including this functionality down the line (a decent way down the line, think “Sync v3”) but at this time that particular functionality is not built in.

“Yes” because there is a “hacky” way to do this. The reason this isn’t implemented right now is because each profile is essentially it’s own node on the chain. So one way to Sync different profiles across devices would be to create a profile to pair with your original device and Sync it to the paired profile on your second device.

That is, if you have Device 1 and Device 2 (Device 1 being your original/current) with lets say three profiles (lets just call them P1, P2, P3), you can go to Device 2 and create three profiles there (P1-2, P2-2, P3-2). Then, start a Sync chain on P1 on Device 1 and Sync it with P1-1 on Device 2. That sounds confusing I know — here is easy to follow steps using the same naming conventions used above:

  1. On your Device 2, install Brave and create three profiles — P1-2, P2-2, P3-2
  2. On Device 1, open P1 and start a Sync chain
  3. Go to Device 2, open P1-2 and go to Settings --> Sync —> I have a Sync code
  4. Enter the Sync code for P1 to Sync P1 data to P1-2

You can then repeat this process for any number of profiles. Again I know it seems overly complicated and that’s because it us, but at this time it’s the only way to do this.

Thank you so much for the super fast reply and the time you took to explain in a very easy to understand format. This is absolutely acceptable to me as a way to get it done prior to the feature being added. Thank you again. This is exactly what I was looking for.

All the best!

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