Brave Bookmarks Seem to Be Combined for All Profiles

Having recently switched to Brave, I created 2 profiles, one for me and the other for my wife. I have imported bookmarks into each profile from Google Chrome and Opera. Now it appears that we both share the same Bookmarks. This is not really workable for us. Have I made a mistake in how I set this up? How do I create 2 distinct Bookmarks bars, 1 for each profile.

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@Kyosho Hi and welcome to the community.

Did you happen to enable Sync on your profiles? If so, check if Bookmarks is enabled under Sync Settings at brave://settings/braveSync/setup. Profiles on the same Sync Chain can have different Sync Settings. You can also have the profiles on separate Sync Chains if you want Sync enabled but don’t want to share any data between profiles. Hope this helps!

Brave Help Center: Sync
Example of Bookmarks enabled in Sync Settings:


Hi - Yes, I enabled Sync on both profiles. You advise I can have profiles on separate Sync Chains. However, when I opened my profile and stopped Sync, it also stopped it for the other profile.

Are you saying I will be able to re-enable Sync with different codes for each? How do I do that? It seems like I will have to disable Sync on all devices first. Then I go to computer #1 and open profile #1 and enable Sync. But doesn’t that put me back where I started?

Hoping you can describe steps for me to follow.


This is strange. When I leave the Sync Chain on one profile, the Sync Chain on the other profile(s) remain. I do hope I am understanding correctly.

I use win10 and Brave version 1.46.144. Can you please post your OS and Brave version. You can find this information displayed at brave://version.

So, starting from scratch, if you do not have Sync enabled on any profiles, when you go to brave://settings/braveSync/setup you should see the Sync Setup display. Every profile you have should be displaying Sync Setup. You should be able to click Start a new Sync Chain for each profile. This will put each of your profiles on its own sync chain.


Please post an update if you are seeing something else and/or are getting errors. Screenshots would be helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi - thanks for your suggestions. After disconnecting the Sync for both profiles, I was able to successfully re-Sync with individual codes for each profile.

Looks good so far.

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@Kyosho Glad to hear you were able to get each profile on its own sync chain. You should mark your above post as the solution so that Brave support and other community members know you no long have an issue. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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