Profiles do not sync? Is that right

I’ve got sync working fine across Mac, Macbook Pro and Android phone. But profiles do not sync, is that right for the time being? Just seems weird to sync all these bits of personal data/user behaviour without linking them to a profile. I appear to have different profiles on all machines earning BAT in different quantities, while my bookmarks and extensions etc all transfer.

Brave is up to date on all devices in the sync chain.


Hi @reppie
Profiles do not sync. Profiles are good for people who share a computer or want to separate work stuff from personal stuff. So with that in mind, it makes sense not to have them sync.

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I mean profiles across devices. So my profile ‘Reppie’ (for the sake of argument) would sync across my devices. Another profile ‘Reppie2’ would also sync separately across my devices.

Currently, everything syncs across all devices and I have three profiles, one on each device all syncing the same stuff. It doesn’t make sense, right? All other browsers sync to a profile with an email address, I don’t fully understand why Brave would be any different.

If you have 3 different profiles, with 3 different sets of browsing data (bookmarks, history, settings, etc) and you want to have each profile’s data available a specific device, that’s what you would want to do.

But it does not, imo (unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re intention is), make sense to have 3 profiles sync to the same device.

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No I want one profile to sync on all three devices… So all the data including BAT rewards is associated with a profile that syncs across all devices. Then if you want to keep your work and play profiles separate, you have two profiles, which again sync across all devices.

Currently if you want to keep work and play separate across 3 devices you would need 6 profiles in total, 2 on each device, instead of just 2. And you have one set of bookmarks etc. It would be better to link bookmarks to a profile, then you could have different sets of bookmarks - work and play, and sync those across devices. It just doesn’t seem to make sense to me to have everything sync via sync chain regardless of profile, then have profiles only for browsing history, and for that profiles to only relate to one device.

Or is the way to do it to use a different sync chain between different profiles on different devices to sync different sets of bookmarks?

Again even with that I’m unsure how it benefits not to have a profile attached to those bookmarks etc. You would still end up with 2 profiles x 3 devices = 6 profiles instead of just 2.

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I respectfully disagree with this (Profiles are good for people who share a computer). Profiles are for managing life, work and business as separate streams. I use brave on many computers - work & personal and mobile device; I would like to see all profiles on all places so that I can switch context easily without having to look for the device, i.e, frictionless experience.

Without multi profile support, any browser is going to be useless. Watch Balaji’s talk on this around 1hr mark

I love Brave/BAT; the impact of this is going to be beyond anyone can even think of. Let’s make this better!


Any updates on profile syncing across devices?

I second everything member avallam (Aa-ron) is saying here.

Without profiles, browsers are essentially useless.

*specifically for those that have work/life profiles.
**FYI: I need 5 different profiles just for my “work life” because each profile houses a different clients 1Password vault, bookmarks/research specific to that client, and profile icons to differentiate.


Just seeing this thread. But you can certainly sync more than one profile across multiple devices; each of them will have its own Sync code, that’s all.

I agree it would be nice to be able to selectively choose which (or all) profiles to sync en masse but I think some of the posts above may imply that you cannot separately sync multiple profiles.

This is a must have feature of Chrome and really important - I own 3 businesses and have my personal profile as well so 4 Chrome profiles that sync across all devices. All bookmarks being relevant to each business.