Same Profile on Different Devices

Is there currently a way to use the same Profile(s) on multiple devices?

My use case/current scenario:

  • I have multiple profiles (personal, main job, freelance)
  • I have two devices (laptop, desktop - three if you count my mobile)
  • When opening Brave browser on my desktop and wanting to add the same profiles, there is no option to do that. I have to create new profiles and sync them manually - but then those are two separate entities that are just in-sync with each other.
  • It makes more sense to me to have identical profiles between my devices that mirror everything together. To. me, that logic is more efficient and less prone to user error in setting it up/maintaining it from a user perspective.

I have seen multiple posts that are fairly dated and never got a response and I don’t feel like this is that unique of a situation. Is there any way to accomplish this or is this a feature request?