Syncing several profiles from one computer to another

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I was searching for my question around and I couldnt find it (maybe is but for some reason I cant find it), so if was already answered, I will be grateful if someone can point me the direction.
Now the question: Im using a computer now, but in 3 weeks I will be using another one and I dont want to lose anything I have in my profiles. I have 5 profiles I use for different things ( I have different mail, different webpages in bookmarks, etc).

I was investigating and saw there is a Sync functionality in Brave, but that raised a question in my head: do I have to start a new Sync Chain for each profile? If not, how Brave will know which passwords, bookmarks and tabs go to each profile?

Thanks in advance for the time to answer me :slight_smile:

Hi @Svalnir76, Welcome to Community!
Sync does not sync across profiles. You will need a Sync Chain for each profile.

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Hello @Aa-ron,
thank you very much for your answer. Now is more clear what I have to do :slight_smile:

Thanks again and stay healthy


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